How to Transfer Address Book from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

Contacts are the most essential component of the overall communication system. In today’s technical savvy era when we use to switch apps, devices and Operating Systems more frequently, it is important to save and retain contacts at some organized platform where they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime such as Outlook ‘Contacts’ folder. With this requirement, the very obvious question arises as how to transfer address book from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Distinct Ways to Convert Notes Address Book to Outlook

There are different ways of transferring contacts information from Notes NSF file to Outlook PST. These methods include:

Manual Conversion Method: The manual procedure to convert contacts involves two major steps. These are:

  1. Exporting Contacts from Lotus Notes application
  2. Importing contacts to MS Outlook application

The procedure to transfer Address book from Lotus Notes to Outlook is quite complicated and often involves possibilities of information loss. Moreover, the integrity of the incorporated contacts attributes is not ensured when data is moved using manual procedures.

So the best solution of the query how to import contacts to Outlook from Lotus Notes is Commercial conversion tool. It resolves all the disadvantages of manual process.

Commercial Conversion Tool: The conversion of contacts from NSF to PST can be done via Notes Address Book Converter that helps to transfer address book from Lotus Notes to Outlook ‘Contacts’ folder in the form of PST as well as Excel and vCard format. These given file formats serves distinct benefits, such as

  • Advantages of PST File Format:
    • Supported over all the versions of MS Outlook application including Outlook 2013
    • Saving data into this file format, enables accessing it in the absence of internet connectivity
    • This way the contacts are always available and ready to use whenever required
  • Advantages of Excel File Format:
    • No dedicated application is required for accessing the incorporated data information
    • This file format serves as a repository for saving numerous contacts together at one place
  • Advantages of vCard File Format:
    • vCard is the universally accepted format and is often considered as business card
    • Supported over all modern devices including laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.
    • Easily accessible over both web and desktop based email applications
    • vCard is supported over multiple Operating Systems including Mac, Windows and Android

Supplementary Benefits of Notes Address Book Converter

The Notes address book to Outlook converter tool supports conversion to both UNICODE and ANSI types, while converting data to PST and hence provide solution on how to import contacts to Outlook from Lotus Notes Address Book. While transferring contacts to Excel, the tool allows conversion to Excel 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003 versions.

The integrity and structure of all the attributes are well maintained during conversion procedure and after completion of the overall process of transfer address book from Lotus Notes to Outlook; the data can be accessed in its original format. It performs batch conversion of contacts and provides the option to sort them in an alphabetical manner. Moreover, the Graphical User Interface of the tool makes it easier to implement and execute the conversion process of NSF contacts to PST effectively and efficiently.


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