Technique to Convert names.nsf to Outlook

Many Lotus Notes Users searching for the process which makes their the crucial contact details accessing in user friendly platform. names.nsf file is an important file that use to store all contact details and changing email client application needs to transfer data from one format to another. So contemplating to use only that software which composed of all those features that helps in achieving the desired results while convert names.nsf to Outlook.

Manual Process For Migrating Contacts

Manual Method to convert Lotus Notes Contacts List include export and import process. If you try to convert Notes address book to Outlook manually, then it requires lots of efforts. There are lots of difficulties arises in performing conversion process. This is also a time consuming process, which do not able to provide complete contact data and some time cause data corruption.

Third Party Software Solution

For getting complete address book contacts access PST format you need a utility that convert names.nsf to Outlook. As this is the only medium that bring results quickly and you can get a complete contact file. It is composed of many features that designed for giving error free and comfortable export names.nsf to Outlook.

Various Perspectives Which are Responsible For Conversion

There are several reasons for Lotus Notes contacts export to Outlook, which force you to take decision of changing your email client from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Some of the most common reasons for this conversion are as follows:

  • Corruption in Notes Application: If you have lost all your crucial contacts saved in Lotus Notes, and you want to rescue them urgently, then convert Lotus Notes Contact List to Outlook, so that you can easily get back your lost contacts.
  • Different Email Clients: If you have the Lotus Notes environment in your office and Outlook environment in your home and you want Lotus Notes contacts in your home so that you can carry out important transactions from home itself. To access all your contacts in your home or to obtain all the email information in your home also, you need to convert all your Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook 2007 or any other preferred version.
  • Job Change: If a previous company working with Lotus Notes and on shifting to the new company where MS Outlook is used as email client makes you feel the need of accessing contact data in PST. In that case convert names.nsf to Outlook.
  • Attributes of MS Outlook: MS Outlook is an easy-to-use application. This application needs no specific training to work with. Installation and maintenance charges of Outlook are low as compared to Lotus Notes.

Due to these reasons, you prefer MS Outlook over Lotus Notes and you need to export names.nsf to Outlook.


Extraneous Utility: Notes Address Book to Outlook Converter

If you want, Lotus Notes Contacts export to .pst, then you need to use some reliable and effective third-party tool, which is specifically meant to convert names.nsf to Outlook as it is a better option. Using this tool, it is easy to transfer Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook 2007 because the tool supports almost all Outlook versions including the Outlook 2007 version. Brief description about all its features:

  • Effectively work on all Lotus Notes Edition
  • Permits you to convert data in Excel and vCard formats
  • Automatically arranges all contact details in alphabetical order
  • Needs any Window Operating system for its configuration
  • Free demonstration which allows to transfer first fifteen contacts