Expert Technique to Export Lotus Notes Contacts

A professional switch from one email application to other demands major changes and steps to take after migration. Lotus Notes being a much complicated, exorbitant, and vast application is being switched with more convenient MS Outlook application. This migration also needs further steps to be involved so that the employees don't face any troubles and the workflow is not disturbed. Export Lotus Notes contacts to switched application is important so that users are not worried for contact management. Notes contacts to Outlook converter is a hurdle-free technology to let users move contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook. It is a versatile computer program which runs in your system and manages to transfer complete contact details from Notes address book to Outlook PST file to let you access the old contacts in new applications.

Where is The Notes Address Book Located?

In order to export Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook you must be acquainted with this information so that it is easy to convert names.nsf to Outlook for smooth access. Notes address book is stored as names.nsf file which is maintained only for the contacts. Sometimes this names.nsf file is tough to find and shows an error that "names.nsf cannot be found". In such situation go to the search option and in C:\ drive search it as names.nsf. The probable reason for such situation is that you might have entered the wrong location of Notes directory and Notes data directory. In case such error occurs check the location of your contacts' file whether it still exists in these locations or not.

It is important to note that the storage location also depends on the version of Lotus Notes and the Operating System version. For instance, Windows 7 system with Lotus Notes 7.05 version will store its names.nsf file at;

C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Lotus\Notes\Data

There are many ways to track the location, but simple technique is using Notes.ini file which tells the correct location of names.nsf file. Once you find the names.nsf file, you can load it to Notes contacts to Outlook converter and move contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook easily.


Promising Features of Notes Contacts Converter

  • Batch conversion is offered, which means that at once, you can convert names.nsf to Outlook.
  • Alphabetical scanning is offered and after scanning contacts gets listed in alphabetical manner for easier searching and alignment.
  • Software to export Lotus Notes Contacts converting them directly to the application configured in system. All the versions of MS Outlook are supported by the tool.
  • You can also convert contacts to VCF and Excel file format. Choose the saving option amongst Outlook, vCard and Excel and the contacts will be saved accordingly.
  • Demo version of Notes Address Book Converter is also available which is helpful to know the software better prior investment.