Exporting Lotus Notes Contacts – Ease Makes This Tool Stand Out!

Exporting Lotus Notes contacts is easy with Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL tool. Convert Lotus Notes contacts to CSV to import into Gmail

Notes Address Book ConverterAre you using Lotus Notes email application? You know that Lotus Notes program needs to be configured on a particular system and you cannot quickly use it anywhere you go (like Gmail, which is an online email application). Lotus Notes is a system specific application. So, it cannot be frequently used on any other system in any other location. For doing so, you would need to configure it again from scratch, which is a time-consuming and unneeded effort if you have to work on various systems in different locations.

Usefulness to Import Notes Address Book to Gmail: Sometimes, you might need to go somewhere and want to take along all your contact details saved in Lotus Notes. At that time, it can be very useful if you import Lotus Notes names NSF file into Gmail as you can open your Gmail mailbox anywhere and on any system just by putting your id and password (it is an online application).

Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL Software: Our software is a third-party contacts conversion tool that helps you to easily convert NAB to CSV i.e. for exporting Lotus Notes contacts from its Address Book names.nsf file to CSV file, which you import into Gmail.

Why Choose Us? (Ease Makes This Tool Stand Out!): Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL software that can be used to import Address Book to Gmail covers the following easiness aspects:
  • Lucid interface
  • Straightforward screen instructions
  • Self-narrative simple conversion steps
  • Steps explained on website
  • Steps explained in software help manual
  • Support available 24x7 (in case of any doubt)

Demo Version – FREE Download Facility:

Our software is available in a trial version that you can download online. The FREE Demo Version of Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL software is intended to give you a transparent purchase as you can check the process performed by our software before buying it. It is functional version, which you can use on your system. Demo Version allows converting of 10 contacts from Lotus Notes names.nsf. To export all contacts, buy our software (Full Version).

Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL software

Useful Features:

Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL software provides the following useful features for exporting Lotus Notes contacts:

  • NAB to CSV: Convert Lotus Notes contacts (business, personal, briefcase information etc) from Notes Address Book (NAB) names.nsf into CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, which you can import into GMAIL. This facilitates to import Address Book to Gmail.
  • Import All Fields: Import Lotus Notes contacts, with all their fields (first name, last name, email address, home city, home state, mobile phone etc).
  • Preview Converted Contacts: See the converted contacts before saving them.
  • Major Versions Supported: Our software supports Lotus Notes 8.6, 7.0, 6.5, & 5.0 and runs smoothly on all major Windows versions 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista,& Windows 7.

Full Version – Purchase Now!

You can purchase our product for exporting Lotus Notes contacts from Notes Address Book (NAB) names.nsf into CSV file, which you can easily import into Gmail. Purchase process is very simple. You can order the Full Licensed Version of Lotus Notes Contacts to GMAIL software online. Full Version allows you to convert any number of contacts from your Lotus Notes Address Book. You can order our product online through the highly secure payment gateway.

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