Know How to Transfer Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook?

How to transfer Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook 2010 or any other version? People usually like to opt an easy and simple tool you resolving this query. The reason being, that nobody wants to get indulged in complex procedures for converting names.nsf to PST as it may harm the contact information itself and also take much time resulting in waste of precious time and also the contacts info. But most often people being unaware of the correct procedures get diverted and indulged in incorrect methods, ultimately loosing the source of communication which is the contact list.

Therefore, users who own both Lotus Notes and MS Outlook as the desktop mail programs should imply accurate methods so as to migrate contacts from names.nsf to Outlook the former to the latter. For those who want to do Lotus Notes contacts export but before that the underlying basics about the contact list in both the email clients, which also renders facility for storing contacts with various fields within, should be known to users. This is because it makes the transfer process more transparent and users gain the technicalities too. The file formats in the two discussed applications described below shall definitely help users to acknowledge as how to transfer contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook program.

Conversion of File Formats Necessary for Migrating Contacts

Notes, now a popular software program of IBM stores all its data items in a file called NSF i.e. Notes Storage File whereas Outlook be it any version saves all its data items including contacts in Personal Storage Table, popularly known as PST format. Moreover, Notes stores contact list in a dedicated file called names.nsf. It is due to the difference in file formats that that the contacts of one cannot be accessed in the other. Hence they require to convert from Notes address book to Outlook.

Hence, it gets necessary to convert Notes address book to Outlook format which is accessible in MS Outlook, for the contact list to make available. But then the query arises as how to transfer names.nsf to PST Personal Folders. The query how to transfer contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook unquestionably gets resolved quickly by the usage of any external converter for Lotus Notes contacts export readily available in the market.


Why & Which Third Party Tool For Transferring Contacts?

Though, one may find manual steps to transport contacts from one mail program to the other by means of export – import wizard in-built in both Notes and Outlook, they are time consuming as well as complex. And may ultimately, damage the complete list of contacts. So, to avoid such a situation an external application becomes essential and the one which best suits the requirement is none other than Notes address book to Outlook converter.

The names.nsf to Outlook converter tool has been rendering services since years with its unmatched qualities and best describes the way as how to transfer contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010 and other releases in bulk. However, both Notes and Outlook needs to be installed and should be in a working state.