Import Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook File

When changing over from IBM Notes desktop email client to Outlook program, then one very important task that users generally want to do, is to import Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook. It collaborates to Exchange Server. The reason is that many times users do not find other data items of the mail program as important as contact information. This is because contact list is one such significant thing that matters the most to any individual, as it helps in connecting by several ways; through emails, calls, or meeting them in person by acknowledging their addresses that the reason people want to migrate Lotus Notes Address book to Exchange or Outlook.

Moreover, there are several reasons that make Address Book of Outlook more preferable to that of Lotus Notes and hence users migrate Notes contacts to Outlook. And due to the reason that manual processes or in-built utilities are not available to serve the purpose directly, a third party tool has been developed by a pioneered company to resolve your concern of migrating Notes address book.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes Address Book to Exchange?

To export Notes contacts into MS Outlook, which is altogether a different application; what is necessary is to convert names.nsf to PST, commonly known as Personal Storage Table file format. The cause behind this translation is that the contact list in Notes or the so called its Address Book is saved in names.nsf file whereas Outlook stores all data items like mails, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. including contact information in its repository file format .pst. So, as there does not exists any built-in facility in either of the applications that supports the migration from Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook PST file type, the only way-out to for conversion is to make use of an external tool that would work as source to import Lotus Notes address book to Outlook.

Why Export Notes Contacts Into Outlook Address Book?

There could be several reasons to import Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook PST like the number of fields provided in the latter’s contact list is more and better than that provided in the former. The other reason could be the easy and simple interface due to which users may plan to change over their desktop email client. This is because Outlook is designed in such a way that all the options are placed on the home page itself and not hidden as found in Notes.


One Converter That Outshines All Other Similar Tools

It is none but Notes Address Book Converter that has the ability to convert several contacts from names.nsf to PST in a single go without hassle which means that it can perform conversion in bulk. The other enhanced features of the tool are as follows:

  • Scans and arranges the contacts in alphabetical order to make it easy for users to search any contact
  • Converts in Excel (XLS/ XLSX) and in vCard (VCF) tool
  • Supports both ANSI and UNICODE format of Outlook data file
  • Supports all versions of Notes, Outlook as well as Windows OS

However, the basic requirement is that both Outlook and Notes should be installed and configured on the system on which the tool to migrate Notes contacts to Outlook is run. So import Lotus Notes address book to Outlook by using prominent software solution which enable you to access contact details in desire file format.