Catch the node of new age and extend the usability of Notes Address Book

The modern age is leaning toward the compaction of integrated gadgets and in same order technology is not untouched with this influence. Now you can have your PC in your pocket. Yes it’s all about Cell phones. The innovation in technology leads to provide each and every feature of your PC in your mobile phone. Now Company has invested great contribution to extend the functionality of your pocket gadgets by providing the software Notes Address Book Converter.

Free Demo Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

Notes Address Book Converter is the powerful software to convert Lotus Notes Contacts to Vcard format also. Vcard file format is standard file format uses by several mobile phones for storing contact information.

What is the benefit of Vcard format?

Vcard is file format use for store contact information in cell phones. It is supported by almost all mobile OS like Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry etc. The best thing about Vcard is it’s easily transferrable to different devices.

Requirement of tool for Lotus Address Book Conversion

From so long it was seeking about any complete tool for fetching out the address book contact data from Lotus Notes and to manage all on any desired platform. We keeps an eye upon changeable business trends, scenarios and requirements generated due to these factors and came to know about the need of Lotus Notes Contact to Vcard conversion. So for that they designed a strengthen tool named as Notes Address Book Converter software.

Notes Address Book software is the full fledge tool for easy and fastest Notes to Outlook Migration. It performs a safe and guaranteed Lotus Address Book Conversion.

Smart Decision is to accept Notes Address Book Converter

Let’s come about the detailed and starred attributes of Notes Address Book Converter tool. This software is a result of core analysis and aimed to provide optimized and collaborative result to their user. The following list of features will satisfy your curiosity about why to adopt this software, because it is capable to convert

  1. Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook: Software provide you capability to transfer all address book information of Lotus notes to MS Outlook and manage all other tasks like appointment, to-do list, tasks etc to Outlook effortlessly.
  2. Lotus Notes to Excel: Through the software you can manage your all contacts of Lotus Notes to Excel sheet and use it in various form. It helps in management of contacts.
  3. Lotus Notes to Vcard: Notes Address Book Converter is effective way to keep your all contacts with you every time and use it at any instant by converting Lotus contacts into Vcard file format.