names.nsf to Outlook Freeware Demo Version Is Available

Considering the plus points of the MS Outlook application, many users opt for Notes address book export to Outlook. The less maintenance charges, easy interface, attractive features, stability, flexibility and new facilities with each upcoming version of the Microsoft emailing client, has expedite this migration. When this migration happens at an enterprise level, it is always necessary to take care of moving old emails and other data. The most important data which is supposed to be migrated at the first place is “contacts”. As there is no specific manual method to do so, we have built software which will help you to migrate Lotus Notes personal Address Book to Outlook. Our names.nsf to PST conversion software is an excellent program which migrates all the contact details to Outlook application. And offers you names.nsf to Outlook freeware trial version.

Where to Find Lotus Notes Personal Address Book?

Lotus Notes application creates a separate file for contacts and stores all its contacts in names.nsf file, which can be found in Notes\Data directory. This means that to extract contacts from Lotus Notes you will have to get a hold on names.nsf file. This file is specifically designed to let users store all his personal contacts in it. This file uses the template per names.nsf and comprises of not only the contacts and associated details, but also configuration settings like connection or location documents. It must be known to users that contacts belonging to different users are stored in different names.nsf file belonging to that particular user. And this file is created right when the user is configured. Our software helps you migrate lotus notes contacts file to Outlook by processing on these names.nsf file and moving contacts from this file to PST file.

Key Features of Notes Contacts to Outlook Converter:

This software is merged with many key features, which helps you get a smooth extraction of contacts in PST file. Some of them are listed here, which also include in names.nsf to Outlook freeware edition expect batch data conversion that include only in Business and Enterprise:

  • Batch Conversion of Contacts: You need not to convert each and every contact one by one; the converter will allow you to convert multiple contacts from Notes to Outlook. This can be done by loading the correct names.nsf file to the software.
  • Conversion to Excel/vCard: Apart from MS Outlook, software also allows you to convert the contacts of names.nsf file into an Excel file or vCard. For this you will have to choose desired conversion option while the conversion takes place.
  • Scanning & Preview Option: When you add the names.nsf file to the Notes address book export tool, it will first scan the file completely. Once it is done, you can preview the contacts on the software with complete details which is stored on the file. Tool sorts out contacts alphabetically to help you search any specific contact easily.
  • Options of Outlook Versions: Software will allow you to select the format of PST file according to the version of the Outlook application you are using. You can either select Outlook 2000/2002 format, or MS Outlook 2003 and later format, as per your requirement.

names.nsf to outlook freeware    names.nsf to outlook converter

To practically try the software and know how to migrate lotus notes contacts file to Outlook you can download the names.nsf to Outlook freeware demo version of Notes Address Book Converter. Once satisfied, get the full version for complete Notes to Outlook contact conversion.